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The RushReader iOS application is a mobile speed reading and audio software allowing you to rapidly read and listen fast. This reading app improves your reading speed by reading text one word at a time at an adjustable rate. The application has the ability to load in your favourite supported file documents into your private RushReader library. Don't have your own books? Access the free built–in library store today. RushReader can be downloaded at the App Store. RushReader reading app is currently compatible with iOS 8.0 or later with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

RushReader helps you read faster by eliminating the need for your eyes to scan between words as you go. It pushes you to read faster than you can speak and therefore also suppresses subvocalization (voicing words aloud in your head). You can listen to your favourite documents in your personal library.

RushReader can be used to read and listen documents, supported files such as books, emails, sms messages etc. Basically anything you can load!

No, RushReader is a simple application within 5 minutes of your time you’ll be speed reading.

Yes, RushReader has proven that you are able to retain as much information as traditional reading!

The iOS app has the ability to read at 50-1000 words-per-minute and 50-300 words-per-minute for listening.

Try to reduce subvocalization (reading words aloud in your head).

Also, if you are struggling to keep up at say 500 WPM, jump to 400 WPM for a while and upon return to 500 WPM, you will likely find it much easier.

Average reading speed is around 200-230 WPM.

RushReader supports up to 450 words-per-minute.

Choose from your library, or by simply pasting text from your clipboard.

To ask a question about RushReader you can use the support contact form once you have logged in or contact us by social media.

You can login to our website. Then navigate to the upload section where you can choose your favourite supported file documents to upload that will be automatically synced to your library on your device.

Currently RushReader only supports .txt & .rtf file documents and iOS clipboard paste. This will be available in a future update.

RushReader supports the iOS 'open in...' allowing supported file attachments to be opened within your device.

The maximum file size supported in the website upload section is 50mb.

Your login will be your email address and the password you that was chosen for your RushReader account.

RushReader is free but has in-App purchase to unlock all features.

RushReader supports Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Welsh.

RushReader's default reading speed is 250 words-per-minute. This can be adjusted at anytime by tapping the WPM speedometer icon.

Yes, as long as your document/book file is indicated as "cached".

You need to enter your email address that you use for your username in our forgot password form. This will email you a new temporary password which you need to update in your profile.

Check the spam or junk mail folder in your email account. Try our forgot password form again.

Once you have logged into RushReader on the website, you can change your password from your profile page.

Unfortunately this is not possible as RushReader only understands text at this stage.

You can import your supported file documents from the Apple iBooks app in iPhone, iPad or Mac to RushReader in a couple of simple steps. Send yourself your desired document to your email address that is used on your device. Open it from your email client on your device and then use the “Open in” feature and choose RushReader.

Once logged in the app access your settings and toggle on/off .

Yes, login with your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Amazon account to take advantage of RushReader today.

RushReader currently supports PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT and RTF files.

Yes, RushReader supports Instapaper, Evernote and Pocket.

The supported 3rd party services can be found in the compose reader area.

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